Mr. Moore

One hundred years does not seem like enough time,
For one who touched so many lives.
You always saw the best in me,
Even when sometimes others would disagree.
When someone needed a youth to teach Sunday School or do a meditation,
You didn’t hesitate for me to be your recommendation.
You asked me to play for Sunday School, one Youth Day to my surprise,
Leading to my first job at twelve years old, me full of butterflies.
When I came back home, you didn’t hesitate to send me to the Mt Pilgrim Congress of Christian Education,
So First Baptist would have Youth Ministry representation.
You were always there to encourage me,
When it comes to men of God; you are the epitome.
While it breaks my heart that this day has come,
I know God is telling you, servant, well done.

Written by: Jacquelyn L Alexander

This too WILL pass!!!

People love seeing rainbows but not the storm that is the prerequisite for it…don’t be people. #JaxJem #youwillgetitlater #itwasapromise

I will be writing later. I’m still processing the events from the last week and a half healthwise. Go forth and begat greatness!!!

No Greater Love…

As the world celebrates commercial love, remember there is no greater love that a man would lay down His life for a friend. I don’t have to like you to love you. That’s what we often miss. We’ve forgotten how to love the person and hate the sin.

On this day don’t forget…
🎵🎵Jesus went to Calvery to save a wretch like you and me that’s love… but that’s not how the story ends, three days later he rose again🎵🎵

The Jackie loves you!!!

He Will Bring You Out…

When he heard this, Jesus said, “This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.” – John 11:4

If anybody can tell you about sickness not leading to death but for the glory of God it is me. If they tell me i have one more rare condition i know something. I’ve always felt that when I’m going through is when God is holding me closest. He never said there would not be a storm, you would not go through. What He did say was He would never leave nor forsake you. Meaning He WILL bring you out for His glory in due time. My goal has always been not to breakdown before I breakthrough. This ain’t about me. All I know is how to live my life. However, somebody going through something and they can’t tell if it is light at the end of the tunnel or a train. Let me say this very plainly- if He did it before, He can do it again. I am a living miracle. I am not unique, what God did for me, He can do even more for you.

The blessing is I get to tell MY story and I guarantee can’t nobody tell it like me.

The Jackie loves you. Go forth and begat greatness.

God got me…

My neck is giving me hell. It’s hurting to hold my head up. But God. (I need to quit looking at my medical records). I was reminded I had a hangmans fracture. Neck broken in two places on the x-rays it looks like my head is floating. I’m not dead I’m not paralyzed. So while this pain is getting me now, it reminds me that even before I was in the womb, He thought I was worth saving. He knew what was coming and kept me. I cannot doubt His power because January 10, 2015, was supposed to take me out for good. While my Drs are amazed I’m blessed. They even took some of my blood to study to see why I made it (I wonder what they found out). I am reminded they told me it would be a three to four year recovery time on the quick side. So I may be having a moment, but I will make it. I am the walking example of no weapon formed against me will prosper. I don’t have to wait, I can rejoice in knowing in the midst of all this I am blessed. #tooblessedtobepressed #tooanointedtobedisappointed
If you get out the way, God will handle the rest. I do not know who this is for, but you do not get to quit. You cannot give up. You can not get to the rainbow without the storm. What you thought was a problem will be your biggest praise. You are not alone. While you are going through you are the object of His attention more than ever. It is His grace and mercy keeping you. Sometimes you have to be like Jacob and wrestle for your blessing. The restoration is always bigger and better than the deterioration. I’m telling you what I KNOW, He can give you peace where it was thought impossible. Your encouragement will come from where you least expect it. Remember, unlike people, He will never leave nor forsake you. Now go forth and be great.

The Blessing in the Lesson.

As we go through this thing called life – there will be trials, there will be tests, there will be moments where one believes they are truly experiencing true hell on earth. It is in those moments faith and obedience are truly tested. Do you have enough faith to stay the course knowing that the battle is already won you just have to endure. You do not get to quit, You do not get to give up, You do not get to wallow in pity. You do not get to relish saying woe is me. It is in these moments one should reflect on what has gotten them through up until this point. The grace, the mercy, the patience, the kindness, the love that kept you when so many times it could have been the other way. It is during those times that you realize that while in the midst of the storm God is holding you closer than ever. Keeping you mentally sound while everything around you is tossing and turning. It is in those valley moments one truly realizes oh how precious is the name of Jesus. It is during those moments where one understands the value of peace of mind. It is during those moments when one can say it is well in my soul. It is a blessing when one can understand that power belongs to God and in the morning it will be alright. Understand that morning is relative, as in this too shall pass and joy will come. There is no need for one to worry about that which one themselves cannot change. Give it to God and leave it alone. One also has to remember people are people and with that being said, one cannot put all their faith in people then expect a miracle from God. I learned a while ago that everything I go through is not always about me. As this year has truly been rough, I know God has me and as a result, I am able to look someone in the eye and honestly say, I have been that person who was not supposed to make it and every time I made steps forward, I was knocked all the way back down. While there may be times when I am down, I am never out. I am not sure who this is for – but – know that God will never leave nor forsake you. While you may feel as if the whole world is coming down on you, know you are stronger than you think. Know there is a support system, but they cannot support that which they are not aware of. No one has the monopoly on pain and suffering….the same God that delivered before can deliver again and there are times that He brings you out only when it will be obvious that it was by His power your breakthrough happened. Hang in there and be great!!!!

Just a Thought #JaxJem

At what point do you take personal ownership of that which goes on in your life? Everything is not the fault of everyone else and people are not always trying to stop you from being great. As an adult you and you alone are responsible for what you allow into your life…It is ok to take stock and remove people, everyone does not deserve a place in that which is your life….You do not get to keep complaining about the people in your life and their actions when you allow them to remain…Sometimes, you just have to shake the dust from your feet…Take control of your happy and stop allowing others to dictate how you feel at any given moment. Stop stepping out of your character to please others. You are merely putting on a show; and at some point every show must come to an end…Be who you are called to be, in the words of the infamous Dr. Seuss – those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind…Be great!!! The Jackie ❤ s ya!!!! #JaxJem

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Sunday Faith Moment

If you are going to worry don’t pray and if you are going to pray don’t worry…Worrying solves NOTHING but creates stress…A healthy level of concern is a good thing but to worry implies that one does not have faith in God to do what it is that He said he would do..God does not now nor has he ever needed assistance in doing His will…Sometimes you have to get out of your own way, let go and let God!!! God will move things and people from your world and you may not understand initially, however, it is preparation for the next matter in your life. Have you ever cogitated that you are being made ready for a blessing or breakthrough but there are first some things you need to break from. It is easy to have faith when it is never tested, but what do you do when your storm comes? People love seeing rainbows but not the storm that is the prerequisite for it…You do not see a rainbow after a drizzle you see a rainbow after a storm…God is letting you know that He kept you and will neither leave nor forsake you. Walt Disney was on to something when he gave us Hakuna Matata – no worries…Why concern yourself with that you cannot change. Life is too short the serenity prayer is right, we need the wisdom to know what we as people cannot change…The scripture says sometimes one needs to shake the dust from their feet; it is not a bad thing to do…Put away childish things and people…You cannot be great if you are focused on mediocre…I challenge you to take your burdens to the Lord and leave them there…What you felt was a stumbling block could have just been a stepping stone…Be great!!!! The Jackie ❤ s you!!!

Hang in There

Jacquelyn’s Tuesday Thought…Whatever process God has set out before you, you must complete the task at hand…Life is not going to be easy and neither is walking in one’s faith…There will come times when you have to just step out, be still and know that God is God, He will do what He said He will do and cannot fail…It is easy when trials come to wonder when will my time come, can I least see the light at the end of the tunnel…It is harder when you know God is going to work it out, because at that point you realize you MUST endure…You cannot stop, you must run your race to completion…Sometimes God takes you through things so your midnight will become your twilight…In the midst of it all there is a blessing…When you are going through know that God has a hold on you and He is what is keeping your spirit…The devil will come and that is what he is supposed to do…But you can stand strong and say God got and you have NO power in my life…Do not let the devil stop you from seeing your rainbow after your storm…We get it twisted, we like to see the rainbow – but do not acknowledge some things had to happen to get it there…They do not just pop up all random…No matter what comes your way remember power belongs to God…And in the words of the infamous Walker, Texas Ranger – “If you see a man with no scars, he has never had to fight for anything.” Be Great and know your battle is already won!!!!

Keep Your Apology

Keep your apology, especially when you do not plan to change;

When the color of my skin causes you to place blame.

Keep that apology, your feelings of guilt do not move me;

When after a war, and changes to the constitution you STILL do not see me as free.

Keep your apology, when you KNOW you are wrong,

Especially pontificating about the national anthem not truly being a racist song.

Keep your apology, when you know you are not sincere,

Primarily when you continue as soon as the coast is clear.

Keep your apology, as guilt is a wasted emotion,

Since seeing me as equal was NEVER a notion.

Keep your apology, you meant exactly what you did – acting with purpose,

Then have the audacity to be upset because our dealings are acrimonious.

Keep your apology, empty words change nothing,

When you change your behavior, then we are working with something.

Keep your apology, if it is not from the heart,

Your fabrications and fallacies are what truly keep us apart.

Keep your apology, I truly am not moved,

Especially if you are one step away from parading in a hood.

Keep your apology, my spirit cannot process the lie,

Especially when you have NO PROBLEM WATCHING US DIE.

Keep your apology, you do not understand what it takes for me to simply exist,

All of this from a system only you can fix.

Keep your apology, if at home you are still calling me nigger,

You will never see the bigger picture.

Keep your apology, and stop bringing up Christ,

When it came to us , He laid down His life.

Keep your apology, you cannot be a Christian,

When causing division has always been your mission.

Keep your apology, I have had enough,

Just existing should never be so horribly tough.

Keep your apology, if you are looking at others as less than,

When at the end of the day we are all still man.

Keep your apology, I am done shedding tears;

Perhaps a therapist can assist with your irrational fears.

Keep your damn apology, when you continue to cause pain,

All the flowery words mean nothing when there is no plan to change.

Written by: Jacquelyn L. Alexander